Deli-cious! 6 Sensational Sandwiches That Will ‘Slice’ Up Your Lunch In London

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Deli-cious! 6 Sensational Sandwiches That Will ‘Slice’ Up Your Lunch In London

Oh sandwiches. How you’ve moved up in the world. From the crustless ham or cheese squares of simpleness in our school packed lunches, you’ve really come so far. Leaps and bounds our old faithful friends, and we couldn’t be prouder. Or hungrier. Seriously, you’re mouthwateringly good. Particularly you guys…in fact, we may be as bold to say that you’re London’s tastiest sarnies to date. And we aren’t just saying this because we enjoy any excuse to make ‘pun-inis’…ha.


1. Bill Sandwich, Bill or Beak

‘Bill’ is a mix of shredded duck and pork served with mint, coriander, chilli and spring onion, stuffed into a brioche bun and topped with tempura shallots. Alternatively, you can get ‘Beak’ with chicken, garlic and capers. Both will absolutely make you SQWAWK with delight. Like a true bird roaming free, ‘Bill or Beak’ regularly changes locations so check out their website for the deets on where they’ll be this week!


2. Chargrilled Halloumi Wrap, French and Grace

A rolled-up flatbread quite literally bursting with bulgar wheat salad, red cabbage, fresh mint, pomegranate arils, pickled chilis, truly creamy and totally delicious salty cheese and a spicy harissa and tahini dressing, this wrap is queen of all wraps. Located in Brixton Village, French and Grace pride themselves on being part of the ‘streets’ so watch out for them at food markets too!


3. Bao, Bao London

A Taiwanese treat of a milky, pillowy soft bun filled with pork belly, chicken oysters or miso-glazed mushrooms and finished with various toppings such as spicy pork sauce, coriander and shaved peanut brittle. Bao-utiful!

53 Lexington St, W1F 9AS


4. Bacon Naan, Dishoom

Ok, ok…so it’s more of a brunch-wich, but Dishoom’s bacon naan is just too good to miss off any yummiest bread/bacon/food in general post. We’ve already written about it here in our top brunch spots post, and we will write about it again. Crispy sugar cured bacon, melting cream cheese and chilli tomato jam, this is the bacon buttie at its best!

Dishoom is in Shoreditch, Kings Cross and Covent Garden.


5. Shortrib French Dip Sandwich, Hawksmoor

This intentionally soggy steak sensation is the epitome of sandwiches. With bone marrow gravy as the ‘dip’ and a sweet roll of tender shortrib beef and Oglesheild cheese as the sandwich, Hawksmoor’s bar menu beats any lunch meal-deal HANDS DOWN. And we recommend that you do get your ‘hands down’ for this saintly sarnie as it can be seriously messy.

Guildhall, Spitalfields, Seven Dials, Knightsbridge.


6. The Macbeth, Deeney’s

As tasty James McAvoy in that Atonement scene, this Scottish sarnie is so wicked that it’s more of a ‘sand-witch’. Filled with oaty haggis and smokey cheese, even Sean Connery himself couldn’t make us salivate more. Go for the Lady Macbeth for a meat-free alternative!

Various locations including Broadway Market, E8 4PH.


If you thought THESE tickled your tastebuds, check out our Cheese Toastie post. It really can’t get much ‘feta’!

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