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Julie Freeman Julie Freeman - Staff Writer

Secret Sandwich Shop

Hidden behind an unassuming storefront you’ll find the most picturesque sandwiches you’ve ever laid eyes on.

Here at Secret London, we’re always on the hunt for the best food our city has to offer. And finding the best burger, taco, or doughnut is not as easy as it sounds when there are so many options and so much competition. Our search for the best sandwich in town, however, has just progressed with the arrival of a new little spot in Notting Hill: The Secret Sandwich Shop (which gets brownie points from us for the name alone) makes some utterly beautiful sarnies which are almost too pretty to eat, but just TOO GOOD to resist. Let these images speak for themselves:


Look. At. That. Gooey. Goodness.

Are you drooling yet?

The sheer size of these sandwiches is one thing, but just look at the BEAUTY. The fluffy thickness of the bread, the meticulously placed layers of colourful veggies and runny eggs and pastrami and… as you can tell, we’re just really heckin’ impressed, and that’s not always an easy feat.

The Secret Sandwich Shop is located above the Globe, a hidden nightclub in the building’s basement (we hear there’s also a hidden speakeasy behind velvet curtains…). The restaurant specialises in Japanese Wanpaku sandwiches made with pillowy shokupan bread. Apparently, ‘Wanpaku’ means ‘cheeky’ or ‘naughty’, and that describes these bad boys pretty well. The slices are stacked with layers upon layers of meat, cheese, eggs, fresh vegetables, and sauces, and are then cut in half. On the menu you’ll find classics like the Ham & Cheese, the Tuna Mayo, but also creative creations like The Hungry Dane stuffed with pastrami, ham and salami with Swiss cheese, jalapeños, buffalo sauce, lettuce, tomato, and kewpie.

Before they opened their Notting Hill location, Secret Sandwich Shop started delivering their sarnies via their own app. You can still order their sandwiches for delivery, plus earn loyalty points which you can use to buy merch or food.

Living up to their name, there have been rumours that the folks behind Secret Sandwich Shop occasionally throw private parties in Notting Hill. In their website FAQs, they state: “Why not contact us and we can let you know more about our secrets.” A secret sandwich party? Sounds pretty intriguing… count us in.

Location: 103 Talbot Road, W11 2AT. Nearest stations are Ladbroke Grove and Westbourne Park. See it on Google Maps. Available for dine-in and takeaway, or via their app or Deliveroo.
Opening hours: Daily from 12pm to 3pm.
More information: from their website.

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