Adorable Couple Get Engaged On London Marathon Finish Line

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What better way to put an end to hours of suffering and pain, than getting engaged to the one that went through it all with you? Well this is exactly what happened to Adam Ruddick, who proposed to his girlfriend Rachel Newell shortly after the pair finished the marathon together.

Luckily for the couple, this romantic moment was captured by a stranger. Ashley Fryer took snaps of the pair and later shared them on Twitter, in a quest to find her photographic subjects. Of course, this is Class A viral stuff and with the magic of social media, the couple were quickly made aware of their images (as were the whole world). The soon-to-be-wed pair said that the proposal softened the aches and pains of the run. Good to know for next year’s marathon!

Georgie Jones

Georgie Jones

After graduating, Georgie decided to drastically break the mould and moved to Clapham, where she quickly picked up an Australian accent. She loves bloody Marys, small plates and dogs and strives not to be a walking cliché - so goes running instead.