20 London Coffee Shops Near Lovely Green Spaces For Your Group-Of-Six Meetups

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Coffee shops near parks

The UK is sailing through another signpost of the lockdown roadmap.

After a tough winter, a glimmer of hope came to us in the form of the “roadmap” out of lockdown in the UK being revealed. While we still await the hallowed day of June 21, which has been earmarked as the day of no restrictions (fingers crossed), there’s still plenty of pit stops to be excited about on the way there. The next of which arrives this Monday (March 29), when meetups outside in groups of six, or two households, will be permitted once again. And, it’s come at just the right time. We’ll be blessed with an extra hour of daylight alongside a spell of decent weather.

So, many will be making the most of this gift from the gods and getting out to have a good ol’ sit down in the park. What goes best with catching up with mates you haven’t seen in yonks, I hear you ask? Coffee, always coffee. At least in the earlier hours! To avoid any logistical issues, you’ll want to grab your coffee somewhere close to your park of choice. You haven’t seen your friends in f**ckin’ ages, so naturally you’ll want to maximise the sitting-on-the-grass-and-catching-up time. That’s definitely more important than the other issue of your coffee going cold on the walk. Definitely.

Here’s some great coffee shops near parks, allowing you to grab your takeaway coffee without leaving you miles away from your hangout spot.

East London coffee shops near parks

1. Pavilion Café

Here’s the most convenient one in east London to kick off. It’s just a fact that many of you will be heading straight to Victoria Park to reunite with your pals, and Pavilion Café is literally in the park. Job done. Waltz into the park, grab your cup of java and be on your way. Simple.

📍 Victoria Park, Old Ford Road, E9 7DE.

2. Balcone

This spot will also do you just right for a trip to Victoria Park in the sun, with takeaway flat whites and delightful pastries ready to give you that boost.

3. L’eau à La Bouche

A lovely rustic French café that has sat in Hackney since 2004. If you’re heading to London Fields for your first group-of-six mingle, L’eau à La Bouche is certain to provide you with top-quality ground coffee and a croque monsieur that is simply just *chef’s kiss*. Look, Bernie gets it.

📍 35-37 Broadway Market, Haggerston, E8 4PH.

4. Climpson & Sons Café

Another mainstay of the Hackney coffee scene, these guys know their way around brewing the perfect cup of Joe. Climpson & Sons brew coffee from all over the world and always have innovative new flavours for you try for you daily coffee hit. Just a few minutes from London Fields, you should be all over this one.

📍 67 Broadway Market, Hackney, E8 4PH.

5. Sazzy And Fran Café

Sazzy and Fran sits right in the heart of Bethnal Green and is a game changer for the coffee and cinnamon rolls combo. They’re open Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm, so get down for your caffeine fix and a cheeky sugar boost. Grab one of these and head out to the grass for a natter!

📍 3 Roman Road, Bethnal Green, E2 0HU.

West London coffee shops near parks

6. The Monocle Café

Monocle Café is the heartbeat of Marylebone High Street and it is open for takeaways, from wonderfully brewed coffee to mouth-watering pastries. You’ll be a stone’s throw away from Paddington Street Gardens, and if you don’t mind a 10 minute walk, you’ll be able to make it to Regent’s Park while the coffee is still piping hot.

📍18 Chiltern Street, Marylebone, W1U 7QA.

7. Coffee Addict

Not only is a Coffee Addict a perfect place to pick up multi-coloured cups of the good stuff, but it’s also around plenty of green spaces. Take your pink or blue latte and have a seat in St James’s Park, wonder over to Green Park or take the slightly longer route over to Hyde Park to look out over the Serpentine. The world is your oyster.

📍 24 Vauxhall Bridge Road, Westminster, SW1V 1AA.

8. Saint Aymes

Want to make your coffee break even more special? Nip over to Saint Aymes, who top their beverages with edible 24ct gold. This spot might be the most Instagrammed coffee shop in London, and you know what? There’s a bloody good reason for it. Take one of these beauties away and gallop straight into Hyde Park to devour it. On everyday we wear pink at St. Aymes.

📍 59 Connaught Street, St George’s Fields, W2 2BB.

9. Café Zee

Café Zee is open for business, selling a range of delicious takeaway coffees, pastries and cakes. Grab one of these beverages and then enjoy the warm spell of weather over in the lovely Walpole Park.

📍 5 New Broadway, Ealing, W5 5AW

10. Hjem

A wonderful Danish café sat in Kensington, not far from Kensington Gardens. Meaning “home”, this spot is sure to provide you with an excellent cup of coffee, and some pastries that are just to die for. I mean, look at them… Any rule against buying them all, or?

📍 3 Launceston Pl, Kensington, London W8 5RL.

North London coffee shops near parks

11. Bread And Bean

Bread and Bean on Junction Road are open takeaway four weeks ago and it’s a glorious North London spot for some java. Their eye-catching, frothy flat whites are up for grabs—and combined with their soft pastries, you’re always onto a winner. Waterlow Park is just a short walk away.

📍 37 Junction Road, Upper Holloway, N19 5QU.

12. Coffee Jar

A marvellous spot in Camden for a takeaway coffee, situated right near Primrose Hill. What could beat a weekend looking out over the greatest city in the world with one of these clutched in your grasp?

📍 83 Parkway, Camden Town, London NW1 7PP.

13. Boulangerie Bon Matin

Travelling is pretty much out of the equation right now, but you’ll get some Paris-inspired goodies over at Boulangerie Bon Matin. Serving the Finsbury Park faithful since 2010, you’re bound to find a drool-worthy snack to go alongside your coffee at this spot.

📍 178 Tollington Park, Stroud Green, N4 3AJ.

14. Finsbury Park Cafe

A staple of the area, and a great family run cafe. With great coffee and a cracking location, just by Finsbury Park, this is another north London coffee spot that you can’t go wrong with.

📍 Endymion Road, Finsbury Park, N4 2NQ.

15. Starfish Loves Coffee

A favourite among the locals of Enfiled, this is famed for its prosecco taps during normal times. But, even in the days of lockdown, you’re guaranteed to be satisfied with your takeaway coffee from Starfish Loves Coffee – which handily sits right on the edge of Broomfield Park.

📍 2 Aldermans Hill, Palmers Green, N13 4PP.

South London coffee shops near parks

16. Amar Café

Okay so this one technically isn’t large enough to be classified as a ‘shop’ but it’s certainly a wonderful find. This independent coffee kiosk is in an unused red telephone box, which naturally makes it a must-visit for Instagram fans and coffee fiends alike. Speciality coffee from Colombia is on offer at this definition of a ‘hidden gem’, which sprung from a really cute lovely story. You’ll find them in both Greenwich, and Turnham Green back over in West London. Read all about it here, then grab a coffee and then chillax in Greenwich Park.

📍 Telephone Box, Greenwich High Road, Greenwich, SE10 8NA.

17. Brickwood

It’s convenient that the sun is coming out across Britain, right at the moment we’re legally permitted to sit in the sun and take in the rays. What better way to enjoy this privilege than a beautiful, takeaway iced coffee from Brickwood in Clapham? They’ve ready to cover all your caffeine-in-the-sun requirements.

📍 7ab, 16 Clapham Common South Side, Clapham Common, SW4 7AB.

18. Old Spike Roastery

Old Spike sits in Peckham Rye and serves a devilishly good flat white. Spike some proper coffee into your life and don’t look back at your inferior home blends.

📍 54 Peckham Rye, Peckham, SE15 4JR.

19. F. Mondays

While the sentiment behind the name might be a mantra for all of us, you should take note that F.Mondays serves up some seriously great coffee. Pick up your daily cuppa Joe as you head over to Brockwell Park for the long-awaited meetup day.

📍 112A Brixton Hill, Brixton, SW2 1AH.

20. Batch & Co. Coffee

This Streatham café is a fine old spot to grab your morning espresso to accompany your morning walk to Tooting Bec Common, and that’s damn sure to be enhanced even further now that it’s time to enjoy it with company outside. Plus there’s chocolate Cannolis. Yep, you’re going to want to try them.

📍 54 Streatham Hill, Streatham, SW2 4RD.

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