The Lovely Story Behind These Classic Red Phone Boxes Turned Coffee Shops • Amar Café

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The Lovely Story Behind These Classic Red Phone Boxes Turned Coffee Shops • Amar Café

Amar Café is a lovely little coffee shop in Turnham Green, Chiswick.

It opened just a week before lockdown and serves a delicious Colombian blend. Better still, it’s made up of two London telephone boxes put together to create the ultimate coffee stand. (Featured image: @burcubbas)

But, the story of its creation is all the more beautiful. On their website you can read a touching story of how co-founders Lore Mejia and Sean Rafferty met through coffee and created Amar Café.

“Coffee is our story of Love,” it begins. “Back in 2017 we indirectly met through coffee, without even realising that was the moment of our lives.

“I [Lore] was reporting on local farmers who had recovered their land after being displayed by paramilitary groups in the mountain range of Sierra Nevada in Colombia.

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“And he [Sean] was on holidays on this marvellous corner of the world. On our second visit to this coffee farm in 2019, we had our second epiphany. It was there we saw the power and immense potential that coffee had to transform lives and communities. There is when everything began.”

They then began sourcing coffee from single farm states in Colombia and the rest, as they say, is history.

Just weeks after first opening at Turnham Green, a second twin telephone box location is already up and running in Greenwich! The power of coffee and love, eh?

To read the full story or purchase their coffee, visit Amar Café’s website.

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