These Cocktails Might Just Be The Cutest Things We’ve Ever Seen


Cocktails are our kryptonite here at Secret London HQ and they’ve just gotten a whole lot more adorable with this new creation at The Milestone Hotel.

The Milestone Carousel is as whimsical as cocktails get to be honest. There used to be a time when cocktails were just served in regular glasses *shock horror* – but now the possibilities are endless.


Order The Milestone Carousel and be presented with something straight out of a fairground…


A small carousel holds the key to your evening, AKA a crystal tumbler of Patron tequila, Tiki Fire rum, Tia Maria, orgeat syrup and lime juice. So it may be cute, but boy is it fiery!


And the fun doesn’t stop there, oh no! An Absinthe-soaked sugar cube is placed in half a lime and set alight. Once presented with your own revolving little carousel, you must wait until the music stops to finally take a sip.

You can find The Milestone Carousel at The Milestone Hotel, 1 Kensington Court, Kensington, near Gloucester Road station, W8 5DL.


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