A Colourful, Rave-Inspired Crazy Golf Course Has Popped Up In Kings Cross

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Club Golf

You’ll be dropping putts instead of beats at Club Golf.

In a former life, Kings Cross was the spiritual home of the raver, as club kids of the 80s and 90s would flock to the likes of Bagleys and The Cross for a night on the town (nope, I’m not old enough to remember them either). With the redevelopment of Coal Drops Yard, those days are long gone, but the spirit of the age will live on in a new crazy golf course called Club Golf, popping up in the area until March 29th.

Club Golf

Club Golf is the latest in a long line of temporary fancies to arrive at Coal Drops Yard, with these illuminated seesaws and this river of flowers being previous tenants. It’s guaranteed to stir up your competitive instincts, as you and your pals can do battle across nine holes of brightly coloured obstacles.

Club Golf

The course was designed by artists Baker & Borowski, and features your usual mix of ramps, posts, and slides to navigate, all rendered in the eye-popping colours of rave culture. Best of all, the final hole is located at House of Cans, a craft beer bar which will make for the perfect place to toast your victory, or drown the sorrows of your defeat. Entry to the course is £5, and you can either book it here or just rock up on the day. Time to go clubbing!

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