You Can Watch The John Lewis Ad Through Virtual Reality On Oxford Street

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You Can Watch The John Lewis Ad Through Virtual Reality On Oxford Street

Since we got the tip that the John Lewis advert might be coming out today, we’ve been desperately refreshing Twitter and Facebook to catch the first glimpse (let’s not pretend we weren’t). Thankfully we didn’t have to wait too long because it’s here and it’s as wonderful as you could ever imagine. One things for sure, we’re all adding Buster the Boxer slippers to our Christmas lists! Watch the ad here.

As always, John Lewis have gone all outcreating an inevitable buzz around the advert and Christmas in general. There’s cuddly toys, pyjamas, finger puppets, wellies, and actual trampolines. They’ve even got a Snapchat filter (because, obviously). This year they’ve teamed up with the Wildlife Trusts, and 10% of the price of all cuddly toys will go to the charity.

[John Lewis]
This year they’ve gone ultra trendy and you can now explore Buster’s garden through Oculus Rift technology, or virtual reality. Visit the John Lewis store on Oxford Street to try out the headset and meet Buster and all of his friends. (Of course they all have names, too: there’s Otto and Olivia the foxes, Sid the squirrel, Betsy the badger and Hallie the hedgehog). You’ll also be able to take photos with the gang!

And of course, we can’t ignore the soundtrack. It’s a cover of Randy Crawford’s One Day I’ll Fly Away sung by The Vaults, and it’s beautiful. Beats any X Factor winner’s single if you ask us — but doesn’t that go without saying?

To find out more about John Lewis’ VR experience and to explore the full range of Buster merch, visit their website.


[Feature image: John Lewis]

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