You’ll Be Able To Spin Your Way To Work On London’s New Buses

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Always felt like there are not enough hours in the day? Always planned on going to the gym in the morning but just never quite made it? Look no further. A bus has been transformed into a mobile spinning studio for busy commuters, and it could be soon picking you up and taking you to work (although you’ll feel like you’re taking yourself…) So, if you suffer the torturous daily tug of war between a morning workout and an extra hour in bed, this innovative and frankly GENIUS design may just be the solution for you! A cohort of London buses that have been fitted with mobile spinning studios are in the pipeline to be launched in London later this year. The bus will travel across the most popular commuter routes, starting from four pick up points in London, and finishing up at the St Mary Axe 1Rebel studio in the City, where riders can pop in for a shower and a smoothie before work.


Finishing up at the where? Boutique gym 1Rebel’s founders James Balfour and Giles Dean came up with the idea, which was initiated as a result of the popularity of their most over subscribed class, RIDE, as well as a desire to remove any hurdles (including will power to get out of bed) that may prevent Londoners from getting their morning exercise fix. Constructed images of the bus show that it will be fitted with rows of spinning bikes with tinted windows running across the sides of the vehicle – a much safer way of cycling to work, if you ask us! However, the idea has not yet been approved…meaning that they are hoping as many people as possible sign up on their website so that it can be launched as soon as the end of this summer.

So, fellow commuters, put your newspapers and Candy Crush away – it’s time you get your sweat on.


Featured Image Credit: EveningStandard

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