Bring Your Dog To Work Day Is A Thing, And Everyone Should Oblige

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Bring Your Dog To Work Day Is A Thing, And Everyone Should Oblige

Bring Your Dog to Work Day takes place on Friday 21.

Bring Your Dog to Work Day was established in 2014, and it remains the single best day of the year. It’s an annual event that takes place nationwide, aiming to raise money for animal welfare charities and, of course, brighten everyone’s days.

“Morning team! Say hello to your new Branch Manager. He’s joining with lots of experience and we’re very excited to have him…”

For just one day a year (unless you’re lucky enough to work in a dog-friendly office of course), employees are encouraged to bring their pups to work.

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But muuuuum! I don’t want to go to work today!

Although it’s all for charity, which makes it inherently A Good Thing, research suggests that bringing your dog to work with you can also reduce stress levels and increase productivity. Not just for you, but for your colleagues, too. (Read: pls bring your doggos into work if you have them, for OUR sake. 🙏)

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Science says the more dogs there are, the better your work ethic… probably.

To get involved, you can upload your very best dog selfie onto the Bring Your Dog to Work website (and on Instagram using the hashtag #bringyourdogtoworkday) and make a donation. And of course you don’t have to own a dog or bring it into work with you – any donation is welcome.

All proceeds go to All Dogs Matter, who find new homes for dogs in London and Norfolk, and Animal Asia, who aim to improve conditions for dogs, cats and bears in China and Vietnam.

Best. Friday. Ever.

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