These Guys Will Bring Puppies To Your Office For Lots Of Cuddles

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These Guys Will Bring Puppies To Your Office For Lots Of Cuddles

It’s time to start sucking up to your boss, because they have the power to bring you puppies.

Paws in Work offers employees a bit of TLC when they need it most. Ashley—the man behind the plan—has a passion for putting smiles on people’s faces. And, like the smart chap he is, he realised that the fastest and most effective way to do that is with puppies.

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Offering a specialist puppy therapy service for employees in high-stress jobs, Paws in Work is all about encouraging people to take some time away from their desks to completely unwind.

So how does it work?

Basically, Paws in Work will bring a litter of pups to your office and set up a cosy cuddling station; complete with cushions, blankets and a nap zone for sleepy doggos. You can then book a 30 minute session to get in on all the action.

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Science says that interacting with animals reduces cortisol levels and has a positive effect on decreasing blood pressure – and there’s certainly no mistaking the pure joy felt when there’s a puppy snoozing on your lap.

You’ll head back to your desk a new human; refreshed, re-focussed, re-energised, albeit a little sad to have said goodbye.

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Paws in Work benefits both staff and puppies. Not only does this form of therapy do wonders for our mental wellbeing, but the socialisation at such a young age helps the pups to learn vital life skills.

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Paws in Work always ensure their litters and dog owners are fully screened prior to any office visit, so health and safety is never an issue. They also work with loads of trusted breeders; meaning one week they might have French Bulldog puppies, the next it might be Chihuahua pups, and so on. After they’ve been to your office to have a play and a few hard-earned cuddles, the boys will take them back home to their owners.

To find out more about Paws in Work and to book them in for office snugs, head to their website.

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