Unleash Your Inner Adele At This Bottomless Karaoke Brunch

Holly Platt-Higgins Holly Platt-Higgins

Unleash Your Inner Adele At This Bottomless Karaoke Brunch

This karaoke brunch is certainly one way to work up an appetite!

Let’s face it, brunch has always been amazing. Combining breakfast and lunch to facilitate the ultimate weekend lie-in — it’s simply genius. And when it became bottomless brunch we thought to ourselves, surely nothing could ever top this? A lie-in combined with endless alcohol and avo-on-toast? Well, it turns out Lucky Voice had the answer to that question: bottomless karaoke brunch. That is the only thing that could be better.

Karaoke Brunch

The ideal place to forget the horrors of the working week and really let loose with the people you love, this karaoke brunch gives Londoners the chance to sing their hearts out and stuff their faces at the same time. (Well, maybe not at exactly the same time, but you get what we mean.)

Photo: @luckyvoicekaraoke

Cocktail in one hand, mic in the other, slurp down some dangerously delicious rum punch as you sing along to all of your much-loved karaoke classics. Way better than the shower, this venue even offers fancy lighting and a whole load of space for you to impress with your world-tour-worthy dance routine.

After belting out a few bangers, feel free to take a foodie break and indulge in a classic smoked salmon and cream cheese combo or some falafel and hummus. Fill that hole in your stomach, soak up some of the alcohol and, most importantly, re-energise for your next set by feasting on the array of tasty treats to be found on the Lucky Voice’s brunch menu.

Photo: @luckyvoicekaraoke

Featuring all of your favourite tunes, a dressing up box and even a glitter artist, this karaoke brunch is basically the birthday party you always wanted when you were 11, but with rum. Get the gang together and really go big this weekend with a karaoke brunch sure to leave you all a little puffed out.

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