Indulge Yourself! 6 Of The Creamiest Cheesecakes You’ll Ever Eat In London

Tabby Powell-Tuck Tabby Powell-Tuck


“I hate cheesecake,” said no one, ever. Creamy, comforting, with that hint of biscuit crunch, when a cheesecake is good, it’s…um, gone in 5 minutes and where’s the seconds? Although New Yorkers have taken most of the credit, cheesecakes are actually one of the oldest desserts around – records suggest that even the Greeks and Romans enjoyed a slice. Something tells us their toppings may not have been quite as inventive as these bad boys though… Cheesecake: you just got London-ified.  


1. Ember Yard, W1F 8SU.


What? White Chocolate Cheesecake with macerated strawberries, smoked biscuit crumb and basil.

Why? Because they had us at their tapas selection and then they brought out THIS for dessert. Winning flavour combinations and deconstructed, which automatically makes it cool, in a Postmodern kind of way. Plus the word ‘macerated’ is just too sensational to ignore.


2. Honey & Co, W1T 5LZ.

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What? Cold Cheesecake, Kadaif pastry and wild honey.

Why? It’s all about the textures. Crispy shredded pastry, bursting berries, the silkiest of cheesecake topping and a subtle swirl of honey to cut through the salt of the feta. Yup, feta. Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.


3. Hubbard and Bell, WC1V 7BW

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What? Salted caramel and pretzel cheesecake.

Why? Because the first thing we crave is sugar and the second thing we crave is salt so a salted caramel and pretzel cheesecake is basically giving in to your senses two times over. Which means double the satisfaction. (Or twice the post-pudding guilt).


4. The English Cheesecake Company, order online here.
Cupcakes disguised as cheesecakes. Or cheesecakes disguised as cupcakes. We haven’t quite worked it out yet.

What? Don’t make us choose! From Double Chocolate Cookie sponge with a vanilla cheesecake centre to Blueberry White Chocolate – and just about everything in between. Who knew a cheesecake could look like that? Who knew a cheesecake could taste like that? WHO KNEW CHEESECAKE COULD BECOME AN ADDICTION?

Why? Do we even need to justify that with a response? A slice of the Beanut Putter Brownie Cheesecake involves layers of crunchy digestive chocolate biscuit, chocolate brownie, smooth soy “Beanut Putter” butter and classic baked vanilla New York cheesecake, all topped and coated with milk chocolate fudge and a drizzle of Dulce de leche caramel toffee sauce. With free deliveries to the UK and a cake for just about every occasion, you’re never too far from a slice of Heaven.

Beanut Putter Brownie Cheesecake – no that’s not a typo and yes you might be looking at the best cheesecake in London


5. Gail’s, multiple locations.

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What? Baked vanilla and white chocolate cheesecake.

Why? Because we admit we were snobs about chain cafes until this passed our lips. Now we’re going to go and try it at every branch in London. You know, just to make sure they’re consistent.


6. Señor Ceviche, W1B 5PW.

Passionfruit & whitechoc cheescake

What? Passionfruit and white chocolate cheesecake with chicha morada syrup.

Why? Easily the most Instagrammable cheesecake in London, this gets full marks for presentation and even fuller marks for South American zing. Pair it with an espresso martini to end a night of Peruvian perfection with a bang.


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