A Beautiful Roof Garden Is Set To Open At Battersea Power Station

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Battersea Power Station’s new roof garden is electrifying!

Hello fellow broke millennials, let’s dream about some flats we’re never going to be able to afford, shall we? For instance, how about those swanky new ones at Battersea Power Station, which will soon be equipped with this charming roof garden. And whilst the flats may remain a futile pipe dream, the likes of you and me may actually be able to head to these roof gardens upon opening.

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Which isn’t until 2021, to be fair, but as Kew Gardens recently proved, you can never be too prepared. Of the roof gardens (for there are actually two) one will sit proudly atop the old power station itself, whilst the arguably more impressive one will be found next door. It’ll be found above ‘The Skyline’ building, and command views over the power station and river – at a quarter of a kilometre long, it’ll be one of the city’s largest.

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Tree-lined and pleasant, The Skyline roof garden will feature meandering paths that wander through patches of wildflowers and well-kept lawns. Rumours of fitness areas, picnic spots, and sun decks abound, as does the tantalising promise of rooftop film screenings. The gardens will boast “periodic public access”, per Londonist, which is… something, I guess.

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The press images clearly point to a garden atop the power station itself, but details on that one have been less forthcoming – one assumes they’ll be reserved for residents only. Various public plazas on the ground, including a fabulously-named high street called ‘The Electric Boulevard’, are also on the way. Still, this is certainly something to look forward too – and you’ll be able to get there on the first Tube extension since 1999, with the new section of the Northern line slated to open in autumn 2021. A high-powered development, indeed!

Featured image: Foster + Partners

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