6 Things To Do In London That Will Make You Feel Like You’re Abroad

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6 Things To Do In London That Will Make You Feel Like You’re Abroad

If you’re not jetting off anytime soon, fear not! London is doing its best to try and make you feel as if you’re somewhere abroad. We can’t guarantee sunshine, but we can guarantee cocktails, bbq food, dancing and even a bit of sand…


1. Rooftop Bars

There’s nothing quite like kicking back with a delicious cocktail and some tasty snacks whilst enjoying incredible views of your favourite city. Even more so when it’s al fresco. And although – with the rate our summers have been going – al fresco might translate into ‘bring a poncho’, the beaming sun may just poke its head out long enough for you to feel like you’re abroad (that is, if you want…we prefer enjoying sunny London for what it is!) And we know where to find the best rooftops in London ?


2. Authentic Food

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If London is good at one thing, it’s spoiling us with some incredible authentic cuisine, our favourite at the moment for summer being Greek. And it just so happens that we know of 3 Big Fat Greek Spots In London That You Need To Get Stuffed In. The Athenian Deli (above, if you hadn’t noticed) is the oldest, and perhaps tastiest, Greek deli in London! If that shop front doesn’t take you straight back to your holiday romance on Crete with Stavros the Stallion, we don’t know what will.


3. Beach Parties

Ibiza, Schmibiza. You don’t even have to leave zone 2 to bathe in the glory of sun, sand and a sizzling party scene (no sea though, we’re afraid). Brixton Beach Boulevard is transforming their rooftop space in the heart of south London into a 1980s Miami playground. Escape the hustle & bustle of London & transport yourself into their 80’s experience where there will be street food, seasonal cocktails and an immersive experience you’ll never forget!


4. Watersports

Seriously. You can do watersports. In London. With organisations such as Pimlioc’s Westminster Boating Base you can sail, kayak, canoe, cable ski and even windsurf! Visit On The Water to find out about what activities you can get up to in your area! And did you know, London is served by 23 reservoirs, so if you don’t fancy risking falling into the Thames, then they’re probably more for you. After all, that’s where our drinking water comes from…right?


5. Dancing

And no, we’re not talking about the type of dancing you attempt in Infernos on a Saturday night (no one wants to see that…) We’re talking about exotic dancing (not that kind of exotic dancing, naughty). The Bounty chocolate bar, red ruffles and bongo drums kind of exotic. And, from Salsa to Samba or Funk to Flamenco, London has it all. You’ll feel like you’re swinging it on the streets of South America before you know it.


6. The Mongtague Pop Up Beach Bar


Trust London to provide beach bars without providing a real beach! At least we can get the cocktails, bbq platters, the bamboo scenery and the tropical vibes (and even the chance to get a bit of actual sand between your toes). The beach-hut style bar is in the Montague Bloomsbury Hotel, Soho and is running until Sunday 24th July.

16-22 Great Russell St, London WC1B 3NN

Featured Image Credit: EnglandEvents

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