10 Famous Landmarks From Around The World And Their Lookalike Locations In The UK

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10 Famous Landmarks From Around The World And Their Lookalike Locations In The UK

Visit these incredible doppelgänger destinations to seriously up your staycation game.

2020 has been a total bummer for anyone with a serious case of wanderlust, putting a lot of international travel plans on hold. But what if we told you that you could see some of the world’s most famous landmarks, without leaving the UK?

The one, the only, Premier Inn has hunted down a series of lookalike locations across the country; spots that twin with some seriously jaw-dropping sites all over the globe. So, whether you were due a trip to see the Golden Gate Bridge in the USA, or the Great Wall of China, we’ve got a list of the best alternative destinations that needn’t involve hopping on a plane.

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Premier Inn combined its knowledge of Britain’s best tourist spots with the expertise of veteran traveller and Guinness World Record holder Graham Hughes, who visited every single country in the world without flying. Here are some of the highlights to hopefully spark some inspiration for your next staycation.

1. Why visit the Great Wall of China when you could take a trip to Hadrian’s Wall in Cumbria?

2. Iceland’s Giant’s Causeway is awesome, but it’s got nothing on its Northern Irish namesake.

3. Fun fact about the Greek Temple of Hephaestus: it has a Sunderland-based doppelgänger called Penshaw Monument.

4. Did you know that San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge has a twin? It’s the Humber Bridge in Kingston-Upon-Hull.

5. Sure, the Arc de Triomphe is nice, but London’s very own Marble Arch is pretty handsome too.

6. Australia’s Twelve Apostles are certainly a sight to behold, but give Dorset’s Old Harry Rocks some credit, would you?

7. Fine, keep the Taj Mahal on your bucket list. But don’t knock Brighton’s Royal Pavilion till you’ve seen it.

8. Nobody is saying that Notre Dame isn’t pretty, we’re just saying that Durham has a pretty nice looking cathedral too.

9. Swap a gondola ride beneath Venice’s Rialto Bridge for a punt under the Bridge of Sighs in Cambridge. It’s basically the same thing.

10. And finally, Budapest might be famous for its baths, but there’s no better place for a bath than, well, Bath. Surely nobody can argue with that?

Images courtesy of Premier Inn, via Golin PR.

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