5 Brrr…illiant Ways To Beat The Bitter Cold Temperatures In London This January

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What is up with the big man in the sky at the moment? One minute we’re prancing around picking daffodils in December and the next, storm Frank is savaging the north of England like a nasty repeat of Noah’s Ark. Strangely named storms have subsided a little but now we’re hearing rumours of snow, ice and sleet, along with scary words like “Arctic winds” and “wintery showers”. Don’t let the drastic dip in temperature stop you from enjoying yourself though. There are all kinds of ways you can keep warm (that don’t just involve staying in bed)…


1. Make your own hot pot at Shaung Shaung

[Square Meal]
We don’t know why it’s taken so long for the Chinese hot pot to make it’s way to London but now that it’s here, it’s causing quite a stir… Innovative new restaurant Shaung Shaung brings a DIY angle to dining, with hungry partakers receiving a stockpot in which they can cook a number of Chinese delicacies, all passing them by on a conveyor built. There are over 50 different options, ranging from lotus root to freshly shucked oysters (and of course classic noodles, tofu and sliced beef, if you’re not feeling so adventurous). What could be better than a steaming bowl of broth and noodles on a freezing winter’s day? Not much, we can assure you.

64 Shaftesbury Avenue, W1D 6LU


2. Try some of London’s best hot chocolates…

If you’re a chocaholic then these freezing cold temperatures provide the perfect excuse for you to indulge all your fancies. Dark Sugars – Brick Lane’s finest chocolate shop – offers a delectable range of hot choccies, alongside the mountain of homemade truffles that sit in the window. If venturing East isn’t an option for you, consult our list of the most sumptuous hot chocolates in town – they’ll make you melt.

141 Brick Lane, E1 6SB 


3. Curl up with a good read in a library bar

[The Drawing Room – Benugo Bar]
Your school teachers may disapprove but in our minds nothing goes better on a cold winter’s day than books and booze. There’s a range of library bars in London that get top marks for cosy-factor. High on our list is the BFI’s secret Drawing Room bar on Southbank. Give the faux bookcase a little push and, like falling through a wardrobe into Narnia, you’ll stumble into a tiny little cocktail bar that feels somewhat magical. We could while away hours in here…


4. Catch an Oscar nominated flick at the Electric Cinema


One of the best things about January is undoubtedly the wealth of good films that sashay their way into our cinemas just in time for the award ceremonies… Catch an Oscar-nominated flick this weekend at our favourite cinema, the Electric, which has branches in Portobello and Shoreditch. With plush red arm chairs and double beds at the Notting Hill spot, it’s easily the cosiest place in the city to watch a film. The Revenant, The Hateful 8 and The Big Short are all showing this weekend… There’s also a great American-style diner just next door, with comfy booths and an all-day menu that features a shaved rib-of-beef sandwich that needs to be tasted. At least twice.


5. Hide from the cold at the London Aquarium

[Merlin Events]
It may seem like an obvious one but when did you actually last go to the London Aquarium? We know, us neither… Walking around amongst the blue isn’t exactly a cosy experience but it’s surprisingly calming. The aquarium is open every day of the week and VIP experiences, such as snorkelling with sharks (eek), can be booked in advance. You definitely won’t notice the bad weather in here either…

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