This Abandoned East London Mansion Is Up For Sale… And It’s Insane

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This Abandoned East London Mansion Is Up For Sale… And It’s Insane

Rightmove are kicking things up a notch people. They’re advertising a place for…wait for it…£3million in East London?! You’re probably thinking: “Well that’s almost as much as I pay for my shared studio flat on top of the Londi’s in Streatham anyway…What’s the big deal?” Well the big deal is you’ll be getting a lot more bang for your buck if you do have 3 mil to spare – you could bag yourself a mansion!

[Right Move]
[Right Move]
Malplaquet House is one of London’s secret architectural gems that has been tucked away for years behind old grubby shop fronts and iron railings. Rightmove describe their latest offering, which was built circa 1741, as a one of “London’s forgotten mansions”. It was uninhabited for around 126 years until Spitalfields Trust sold the place. The new owners then spent years redecorating it and trying to restore the building and it’s gardens to its former glory through the use of historical photographs and documents. The place looks like a museum. It’s filled with portraits, sculptures, taxidermy (not sure how I feel about the elephant and human skull they have knocking about there) and antique furniture.

If you are interested in the place (big up to you if you are…drinks on you tonight Mr Monopoly) then you’ll want to know what you’re getting for your money I’m sure. The house is surrounded by beautifully manicured gardens filled with palm trees, roses, creepers and ivy, which give it an exotic, rich-persons-home feel. A marble pathway will lead you into the 4,500 square foot house, which is home to a wine cellar (sold!), seven reception rooms and five bedrooms. You could illegally Airbnb the place out to like 45 people a night and cover rent for at least a month!

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