10 Of The Rudest Sounding London Street Names That You Will Ever Hear

Tabby Powell-Tuck Tabby Powell-Tuck

10 Of The Rudest Sounding London Street Names That You Will Ever Hear

If you’re too high brow to snigger at Cockfosters, then chances are you’re going to be too high brow for these too (you’re also probably a really rubbish person but we’ll let that slide). These are all real places in real locations in London; nothing has been photoshopped and if you type them into CityMapper and follow the instructions, you will end up there (and then probably turn around and go straight back home again). Oh the joys of the English language…


1. Cock Lane, EC1

cock 1

No but someone actually lives here.


2. Bird In Bush Road, SE15

bird in a bush

Just so suggestive… And we still haven’t really worked out why.


3. Bellenden Road, SE15

You can’t be serious.


4. Hookers Road, E17


Some people just really like front row rugby union positions. That, or….


5. Fanny Hands Land

Rude street names decrease property prices

An Edward Scissor Hands sequel?


6. Clitterhouse Road, NW2

How this one ever got past the Cricklewood council, we do not know.


7. Beaver Close, SE20

beaver close
This seemed like such a good idea in the 1970s.


8. Helmet Row, EC1

helement row

Bringing back bad childhood memories to insecure young boys everywhere…


9. Back Passage, EC1

Picture Desk Project - Rude Britain - 100 rudest Place names in Britain by Rob Bailey and Ed Hurst , Published by Boxtree BACK PASSAGE page 122 , No.8 London Situated in the city of London close to Smithfield maket and the Barbican. The name simply derives from the fact that it is a passageway running around the back row of a number of buildings allowing access to their rear entrances

GREAT tip: surprise trips down here will guarantee a good end to any date.

10. Swallow Street, W1

“Mummy, what happens on Swallow Street?”

“It’s where baby birds come to play, darling. Baby birds.”


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