This Is How Far You Could Travel Around The World For The Price Of A London Travelcard

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This Is How Far You Could Travel Around The World For The Price Of A London Travelcard

Ever dreamt of the lavish things you’d be able to afford if you didn’t live in London?

This city ain’t cheap, folks. And Cuckooz, a leading serviced apartment provider, have very kindly demonstrated exactly how expensive it really is.

Ah, yes! They’ve worked out exactly how far around the world we could travel for the price of an annual London travelcard. And it’s wildly depressing, of course. 🙃

New York, United States

The current cost of a Zone 1-6 travelcard is £2,568, which, it turns out, goes a long way towards a trip around the globe.

Cuckooz have designed two world trips that, based on the cost of flights, are cheaper (or at least almost) than your average London commute.

The first route—stopping in Reykjavik, New York, Sao Paulo, Johannesburg and Dubai—will set you back £2,539. That’s five different countries you’ll see for less than an annual travelcard in your own!

Northern lights, Iceland

The second trip might cost you £132 more than an annual London travelcard, but it squeezes in eight countries along the way! You’ll kick things off in Oslo before making your way to Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo, Auckland, Sydney, Singapore and Mumbai. Including your flight back to London, that’ll cost you £2,700.

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Sydney, Australia

Fabienne O’Neill, co-founder of Cuckooz, says: “The high cost of working and living in London is well documented but we wanted to see just how expensive the cost of traversing the capital is over the course of a year when you compare it to travelling the world.”

“Of course, this only takes the cost of flights into account the same way that a travelcard will only let you travel around London and won’t put a roof over your head, but it really does bring home the reality of what we pay for London transport when you could visit eight other countries for the same price.”

Moscow, Russia

“With summer coming to an end, it’s probably not just us that are considering if it would be money better spent.” 

Hmpfh. It’s a bloody good job we love you, London. 🙄

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