Could This Map Persuade You To Move Out Of London?

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Could This Map Persuade You To Move Out Of London?

Ever considered moving out of London to save a bit of money?

London is a buzzing city full of excitement and adventure, so why would anyone want to ditch it for life in the slow lane? Well, this map might just persuade you*.

We spend thousands on renting because buying simply isn’t an option, hundreds on tube travel because living in zone 1 simply isn’t an option, and who knows how much on living the London lifestyle because FOMO simply isn’t an option. So perhaps it’s time for a change?

Actual footage of me paying my landlord…

This map, created by TotallyMoney.com, will show you what it’s like to live in London’s commuter towns; taking into account journey time into London, average house prices, cost of a season ticket and life satisfaction.

Holding the number one spot is Cheshunt in Hertfordshire: just 26 minutes away on a train, with average house prices of £384,248. It still costs £2,288 for an annual season ticket, but that’s a small price to pay for a solid life satisfaction rating of 7.92 out of 10.

Research shows that Hertfordshire is one of the best counties to live if you’re commuting into London. (Photo: Matt Buck)

Hertfordshire generally dominates the top ten; with Waltham Cross coming in at second place, and five other towns in Hertfordshire making the cut. Meanwhile, Virginia Water in Surrey was found to be the worst commuter town for the second time running, with average house prices sitting at over £1.1m, and commuting costs at a whooping £3060. I think I’d rather stay in my box-sized Leyton flat, thanks very much.

Here’s the map if you want to explore your options:

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(via TotallyMoney).

*we said ‘might’. 

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