The Woolwich Ferry Has Been Doing Doughnuts In Support Of The NHS (Because Why The Hell Not?)

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Woolwich Ferry

Of all the NHS tributes, the Woolwich Ferry had perhaps the wackiest…

Sure, there’s clapping for our carers, but when it comes to paying tribute to NHS staff fighting the coronavirus outbreak, you mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger. On one hand, you have valiant Captain Tom Moore, taking laps of his garden to raise millions for the NHS. On the other, you have the Woolwich Ferry, which elected to spin rapidly around the Thames last night to honour healthcare workers. You do you, sweetie. (Featured image: @theyearofunagi)

The offbeat tribute was captured on camera, and has been quickly making the rounds on Twitter for the rather unusual show of support. In addition to the dizzying spins, the ship sounded the horn to herald the coming of the 8pm clap, with the good people of Woolwich joining in with a chorus of pots and pans. Personally, I’m on board with the intent, although as someone who’s overly prone to seasickness, I will absolutely not be on board the ship if they intend to do it again.

Only time will tell if this becomes a weekly routine for the Woolwich Ferry, but at least by spinning in the middle of the Thames, they’re virtually guaranteeing social distancing (unlike a recent tribute on Westminster Bridge). Must be something in the water, given that we’ve also seen this tugboat chugging along to the tune of Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

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