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Ziggy Green

Ziggy Green brings a sprinkle of Stardust with their watermelon margarita fountain.

Sometimes, you happen across a London spot with so many awesome things that you really don’t know where to begin with it all. Ziggy Green is one such place. For starters, it’s a Tulum-themed tacqueria and cocktail bar, bringing tropical Mexican vibes to Mayfair. It’s also housed in a Grade-I listed former cinema on Heddon Street, the very spot where the album cover of David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust was shot. Oh, and not only does Ziggy Green blend both these influences into the decor and food, they’re also running a brilliant dinner with a watermelon margarita fountain – for which you can find tickets here.

Ziggy Green

The eagle-eyed amongst you might notice a striking similarity to a certain pornstar martini fountain in Soho, and for good reason: Ziggy Green is another venue in the Daisy Green Collection, who are making something of a trend out of cocktail fountains. (A highly welcome trend, I might add.) This time, it’s an incredible watermelon margarita fountain, with the cocktails dispensed from a hollowed-out watermelon and refilled at your leisure. I assume they’re being nailed to the tables, otherwise I’ll be doing everything I can to walk away with one…

Ziggy Green

The best place to find this magical watermelon margarita fountain is at Ziggy Nights’ Mexican dinners. Not only will you have a particularly fruitful encounter with the aforementioned fountain here, but you’ll also be treated to a menu of mouthwatering Mexican dishes, including your choice of ceviche, a taco sharing platter, and a delectable tres leche sharing dessert! Running every night from Tuesday to Saturday, the dinner will send your tastebuds off on the tropical holiday you so richly deserve…

Ziggy Green

The Ziggy Nights dinner simply elevates an already excellent spot to the next level. The whitewashed walls of Ziggy Green are adorned with Bowie-inspired artwork, album covers, and the odd golden palm tree, in a nod to the venue’s tropical inspiration. It’s a case of Mexico meets Mars here, as the former cinema and art gallery combines its twin passions with Ziggy Stardust-themed cocktails, along with a fearsome lineup of small batch tequilas and mezcals that create drinks such as the Tulum Sangria or a Sugar Snap Gin Martini – meanwhile, their Mexican inspired brunches aren’t to be missed. Let’s be honest though, you’re still thinking about the watermelon margarita fountain, aren’t you?

Ziggy Nights: Margarita Fountain & Mexican Dining

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