9 Places On Heddon Street That Prove It’s The Foodie Haven Of The West End

Heddon Street Heddon Street

9 Places On Heddon Street That Prove It’s The Foodie Haven Of The West End

If you’ve ever wandered off Regent Street post high-stakes shopping spree and stumbled upon Heddon Street you’ll understand why we love this place so much.

We all know taking a trip to central London can have its challenges, so – when the sale shoppers become a bit too much – we’ve found the perfect foodie haven for an escape. Here are nine wonderful ways to make the most out of this hidden gem:

1. Share the love at Magpie

[Instagram @mgpldn]
The sister restaurant to Hackney favourite and Michelin star restaurant Pidgin provides wines on tap, so you know they’ve got your back. A stylish new hotspot serving sharing-style small plates for meat lovers and veggies alike on trolleys throughout the restaurant. Oh, and it’s even open for breakfast. Get down there.

2. Devour the perfect steak at Heddon Street Kitchen


This Heddon Street gem provides the classic Gordon Ramsay excellence – we all know the king of the kitchen wouldn’t put his name to just any restaurant. If you fancy chowing down on a perfectly cooked steak in a stylish setting then you’ve come to the right place. Just promise us you won’t eat it well-done and served with ketchup, ok?

3. Pair sake with sushi at Sakagura


If you’re a fan of Japanese food Sakagura is a must-try. Their perfectly presented sushi offerings should give you some idea of just how premium this place is. It’s like food art. But don’t be fooled that it’s out of your price range, Sakagura offers some cracking set menus, including a bottomless brunch fit for royalty. (If the Queen ever went for bottomless brunches in London, that is.)

4. Eat your weight in pasta at Piccolino

[Instagram @hannawimaan]
[Instagram @hannawimaan]
Really, need we say more?! If that picture alone doesn’t make your mouth water and your eyes widen we don’t know what’s wrong with you. Unless you’re a coeliac, in which case: sorry guys, but don’t worry because there are loads of incredible meat and seafood dishes on the menu that don’t include gluten. We highly recommend this one for quality Italian dishes served in a relaxed atmosphere. You can even eat al fresco if the weather suddenly surprises us!

5. Beautify your Insta-feed at Momo


Restaurants don’t get more beautiful than Momo’s Moroccan-style shisha lounge set-up and we know you’re going to want to visit this place for the aesthetic alone. The outdoor seating area surrounded by exotic plants was practically made for Instagram! It’s by no means style over substance either, because they’re serving up a sumptuous selection of Moroccan dishes. They even offer an exotic afternoon tea featuring sweet treats flavoured with rosewater and argan oil.

6. Pile up your plate at tibits

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This place is basically heaven for all the London veggies and vegans out there. And also for anyone who simply enjoys eating healthy food. Shock, horror! The unique selling point of tibits is that it offers you a choice of over 40 freshly made salads, hot dishes, soups, juices and desserts that you pay for by weight. Yeah, you heard us. You pay by weight of what you’ve picked. It’s like Woolworths pick ‘n’ mix for adults.

7. Enjoy freezing cold fun at ICEBAR LONDON


Instagram opportunities abound at this world famous frozen locale. Slip into a complimentary hooded cape and enjoy the incredible sculptures, crafted from pure, Swedish ice. You’ve heard of drinks ‘on the rocks’, right? Well, ICEBAR is more keen on ‘in the rocks’. All their cocktails are served in ice glasses at a brisk -5°, a temperature that creates what they believe is the perfect serve. You’ll have to wrap up warm and head down there to decide for yourself!

8. Sip cafe au lait at Aubaine

[Instagram @aubaineuk]
[Instagram @aubaineuk]
Say bonjour to Parisian style dining at Aubaine! It’s no coincidence that ‘aubaine’ roughly translates to mean ‘godsend’ in English because it definitely fits that description as the perfect escape from the crowds. Be their guest as you tuck in to brunch, lunch, or dinner. This place isn’t just about pastry – although we’d highly recommend their exquisite eclairs.

9. Kick off your night at Strawberry Moons

[Instagram @strawberrymoonslondon]
[Instagram @strawberrymoonslondon]
Looking for somewhere you can order a giant pornstar martini then throw some shapes on a 70s disco-style dance floor? Boy, have we found the place for you. They also serve platters of chips cooked four ways, so you won’t even have to leave the venue to fit in all the inevitable stages of a big night out.