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Who you gonna call for tiramisu? Walkmisú!

Now, you might be surprised to see a red telephone box serving tiramisu, but in actuality, this is a natural evolution. London already has at least two charming coffee shops found in converted telephone boxes – Amar Café and Kape Barako – so clearly the next logical step had to be taking that coffee and using it to create the famed Italian dessert. This is the point of origin for Walkmisú, who serve mouthwatering tiramisu from a phone box on the edge of Russell Square.

I’m not much of a coffee drinker myself, so admittedly I fail to see why people would opt for one over a dessert which offers the same caffeine hit, just supercharged with plenty of mascarpone, sugar, and cocoa. Live a little, people! Anyway, Walkmisú was born as a concept back in January 2020 (their Instagram page at this time is a charming mood board of tiramisu, phone boxes, and Union Jacks), before launching to the delighted public back in August.

Aside from the classic tiramisu (always a strong choice), you’ll find strawberry, lemon, and pistachio variations, plus the odd special such as banana & chocolate or wild berries. Walkmisú use only Italian ingredients for their creations, with no dyes or preservatives – and teetotallers will be happy to know that the desserts are 100% alcohol free.

If you’re set on a double dose of caffeine, then happily Walkmisú has got you covered; at the turn of 2021, they opened their own coffee shop in the adjoining phone box, providing piping hot drinks to warm up a chilly January. As with the supplies for their desserts, their coffee is sourced from Italy: roasted in Naples and shipped over to the UK.

You can certainly have a lovely afternoon here by grabbing a tiramisu and a brew and wandering around Russell Square in between bites, but luckily for those not venturing out of their local area, Walkmisú can deliver for free after 5pm. (You’ll also find them on Deliveroo, Just Eat, and Uber Eats, FYI.) There’s also a 10% discount for students and NHS staff, which is handy for anyone at nearby Birkbeck, SOAS, UCL, or Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Now you know who to call for top tiramisu – so I guess it’s pretty handy to find them in a phone box!

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