This London Street Has Had An Insanely Colourful Makeover

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Walala Parade

Leyton High Road has been given quite the glow-up after a successful crowdfunding campaign.

We’d never say London isn’t a colourful city (just look at these splendid streets!), but we’re also never against making it more colourful. Which is why we’re pretty keen about Leyton High Road’s new look, having been recently turned into a giant Camille Walala-designed mural thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign.

The so-called Walala Parade is a collaboration between local businesses Deeney’s (home to a legendary haggis toastie), animation studio Mighty Elk, and community arts group Wood Street Walls. Brought to life by Walala’s paint team extraordinaire, Absolutely Studio, the colourful designs are now splashed up plenty of shop fronts along the High Road.

Eye-popping geometric shapes, in shades of red, blue, yellow, black, and purple now fill the Leyton High Road, and the entire mural has been created using recycled paint, lending the project serious green credentials. The project quickly won the backing of City Hall, with a grant from the Mayor of London helping to reach its funding target.

Walala Parade

The plan is to enter it into autumn’s London Design Festival, and help spark interest and investment in the local area. Based on the fact that you can see Walala Parade coming a mile off (it’s rather conspicuous even from the air, as you can see), I think that’s a pretty likely outcome.

Walala Parade
Photo: High Flying Drone Shots

Hopefully, the mural is just one of many bright things upon the horizon for both Leyton and London!

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