This US Restaurant Is Using ‘Bumper Tables’ For Socially Distant Dining

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

Bumper tables

Who knew combining bumper cars and bar tables could help solve outdoor dining in the age of coronavirus?

Sure, Amsterdam’s glass greenhouses were beautiful, but these look like a lot more fun! Fish Tales Bar & Grill in Ocean City, Maryland decided to purchase “bumper tables” in preparation for the upcoming socially distant summer. Located on docks overlooking the water, it’s the ideal summer hangout spot. And now residents can enjoy it safely (and eat and drink with friends) with this wacky new invention.

The tables were custom-built by an event design company called Revolution, and debuted at Fish Tales this past weekend when they reopened for takeout for the first time since state closures. People stand in them and even walk around (they are on wheels), chatting with friends or having food to served to them from the takeout bar. There is an air-filled tube surrounding the table so when two are right next to each other (aka “bumping”), it creates more than six feet of distance. Oh — and they’ve even got cup holders!

They now have them available on their website so anyone can purchase or rent them. Still, Maryland outdoor dining hasn’t technically “reopened” yet, so the owners don’t know exactly when they’ll get to use the 10 tables they bought, according to an interview with CNN. This weekend seemed to serve as more of a “test run.” Though London’s outdoor space may be a little too tight to make this possible, it definitely shows what creative ideas are out there for making the summer a little more normal!

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Featured image source: Instagram / @katiejkirby via @ddcmcommunications

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