A New York City Park Has Painted ‘Social Distancing Circles’ So Parkgoers Stay Apart

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

Social distancing circles

Reckon this could catch on in London?

After photos that showed lots of overcrowding two weekends back, New York City Mayor de Blasio started limiting the number of people that could enter Domino Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, this weekend. The park looked like a totally different space this past weekend, as park officials spray-painted white circles on the faux-grass lawn that indicated where groups could sit and hang out, while not getting to close to others they haven’t been exposed to yet.

It seems to be a good middle ground between strict enforcement and trusting people to choose wisely, as there are very clear indicators showing if people too close, and parkgoers can clearly see if the space is full. Plus, it’s an easy well to tell if you really are two metres apart. As Londoners returned to parks over the last week in light of new government guidelines, perhaps it’s something we’ll be seeing more of on these shores?

Take a closer look at NYC’s new “circle enforcement” below:

featured image source: Instagram / @amanda.dombrowski

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