Study Reveals The UK’s Most And Least Renter-Friendly Cities—And Londoners Might Be Surprised

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Study Reveals The UK’s Most And Least Renter-Friendly Cities—And Londoners Might Be Surprised

The best and worst cities to rent in have been revealed, in a recent study by Insulation Express.

It’s probably no secret to any readers that renting in London is, put simply, a bleeding nightmare. Kissing goodbye to most of your monthly salary on day one is just part-and-parcel with living in this city, I’m afraid. However, according to these findings, London might not be as bad as you think…

UK’s most renter-friendly cities

Plymouth narrowly beat Edinburgh to clinch the UK top spot, with a rent-friendly percentage of 100%. But London managed to claim the number six spot in the ‘best’ list, which may come as a shock to many. Unsurprisingly, the capital scored badly on ‘percentage of income spent on rent’ at a staggering 64%—double what renting champions Plymouth pay at 32%. But what it lost there it made up for in some of the lowest eviction rates at 0.5%, and smaller annual rent-rises at 1.2%. Take a look at the full ‘best’ table below.

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Image: Insulation Express

UK’s least renter-friendly cities

It’s not pretty reading for Luton, Leicester, Reading, and Manchester who complete the top four least renter-friendly cities. Luton and Manchester have high eviction rates at 22.3% and 20.3% respectively, while Leicester suffers from a high-annual rent-rise at 2.1%.

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Image: Insulation Express

No prizes for guessing that London is the most expensive place to live in Britain. In terms of percentage of salary going towards rent, London (64%) is followed by Reading (49%), Bristol (42.9%), Luton (41.1%) and Edinburgh (38.9%).

Derby takes the crown for the cheapest place to rent compared to salary, with only 22% going towards rent. It’s followed by Sunderland (23%), Stoke-On-Trent (23.2%), Newport (23.3%) and Hull (24.4%).

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