Government Threatens Beach Closures And New Lockdown After 500,000 Pack Dorset Beaches

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Government Threatens Beach Closures And New Lockdown After 500,000 Pack Dorset Beaches

Thousands flocked to the nation’s beaches amidst heatwave.

A heatwave has hit the UK, with temperatures jumping north of 30ºC. But along with that has come some pretty heated controversy. Just like the last streak of good weather, the heat saw many take to the waters and pack out the nation’s beaches, despite heavy social-distancing measures still being in place. London’s very own Ruislip Lido was forced to close earlier this month due to overcrowding. (Featured image: @d.buhalis)

Scenes have led to the government declaring a “major incident” and issuing public warnings. Health Secretary Matt Hancock warned that beaches may have to close if crowds do not refrain from filling up the spaces, making it impossible to social distance.

Speaking to Talk Radio, he said: “We do have that power. I am reluctant to use it because people have had a pretty tough lockdown and I want everybody to be able to enjoy the sunshine.

“But the key is to do it with respect for the rules – stay with your household, stay a good distance from other households. But we do have those powers and if we see a spike in the number of cases then we will take action.”

Boris Johnson then warned that the UK could face further lockdowns if the public doesn’t abide by social-distancing laws.

And it’s also safe to say, upon viewing the pictures of crowded beaches, that the internet had things to say about it.

Many feel the government have opened restrictions too early, setting a precedent for people not to be mindful of the disease we all still have to face. Others feel people are entitled to enjoy what they can over summer after being locked down for months. Here is what the internet had to say, particularly about the shocking scenes from Bournemouth beach.

I mean, this is just UNBELIEVABLE behaviour! Come, on Britain…

The crowds weren’t to be found everywhere, though…

Russ has got the right idea. I’d say we should team up to create Secret Cornwall, but I think we’ll leave you in peace…

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