Ruislip Lido Forced To Close After Visitors Ignore Social Distancing

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Ruislip Lido Forced To Close After Visitors Ignore Social Distancing

London’s very own beach has been forced to close, due to people breaching social distancing guidelines.

Since lockdown measures have relaxed, many have taken the chance to get out into nature. This is reasonable enough. We have been mostly cooped up in our houses for over two months.

But things seemingly went too far at Ruislip Lido. It was forced to close due to “visitors not adhering to social distancing guidelines”. Pictures evidenced that the west London lido beach was packed as the UK enjoyed the sun over the weekend (May 30-31).

Hillingdon Council has now taken the decision to close the beach in the interest of public safety. The closure of the lido will be kept under review, but there is no news on when it might reopen again.

“Whilst it remains the position of Hillingdon Council to keep its award winning parks and open spaces open to the public for the benefit of the health and wellbeing of our residents of all ages, we can only do so if Government guidelines relating to social distancing are followed,” Hillingdon Council said in a statement.

“Given the number and size of our parks and open spaces the police simply do not have the resources to deal with those putting others at risk by not abiding by the guidance. Accordingly, we have made the difficult decision to temporarily close the beach at Ruislip Lido in response to visitors not adhering to social distancing guidelines at the site.”

Beaches all over the UK were packed out this weekend, which has stirred up heavy debate online. Many believe the decision to open the beaches came too early.

Regardless of the contrasting opinions, it seems that if scenes like this continue, Ruislip Lido won’t be the only spot forced to shut due to many breaking the rules.

Featured image: Hillingdon Police

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