This Tube Map Shows You How Many Steps There Are Between Each Station

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Leave the pedometer at home (jokes?), because TfL have released a set of London Underground maps showing just how many steps and how many minutes it takes to walk between each station. So when you’re next dreading to get on the sweat-infested tube, check out how many steps it would take to tread it. Use the last of the summer sun to your advantage and give those legs a kick about before cold sets back in. After all, who wouldn’t choose 1000 steps between Holborn and Tottenham Court Road over any time on the stuffy Central line?

steps-tube-map (1)
[Click for full image | TfL]
For more information on walking and distances around London, check out the TfL website.

In other map-related news, have you seen this audio map of the Underground?

Georgie Jones

Georgie Jones

After graduating, Georgie decided to drastically break the mould and moved to Clapham, where she quickly picked up an Australian accent. She loves bloody Marys, small plates and dogs and strives not to be a walking cliché - so goes running instead.