Tower Bridge Is 125 Years Old This Month, And They’re Planning A Little Celebration

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Happy Birthday Tower Bridge – you don’t look a day over 80!

Yep, one of London’s most iconic landmarks is celebrating a birthday in June, as Tower Bridge turns 125. And since Infernos is no place for a 125-year old, the festivities will be somewhat classier and restrained. On June 29th & 30th, the bridge will feature special installations and souvenirs, and welcome visitors for the cut-price fee of £1.25.

Tower Bridge

Since opening on June 30th, 1894, Tower Bridge has done a fair amount of posing and the occasional bit of lifting, which helps explain why it’s still looking fresh at 125. On the birthday weekend, visitors will be able to head up to the walkways and boiler rooms on the cheap – don’t forget to check out this terrifying glass floor! The only catch is you can’t book in advance, so head down there early to beat the rush of well-wishers.

Tower Bridge

Obviously, there’s going to be special merch on sale to mark the occasion, with commemorative bookmarks, souvenirs, and a book of photography all up for sale. Meanwhile, ‘Tower Bridge – What If?’ unveils a swathe of alternative bridge designs we might have had instead of the current version, which is a nifty little throwback (bet they won’t be as odd as the Trafalgar Square pyramid though).

It all sounds quite nice, but I can’t help but feel they’ve missed a trick by not including fireworks and some sort of Evel Knievel-style jump across the raised bridge. Maybe they’re saving it for the 150 celebrations…

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