These Tube Stations Are Home To Tiny Terrariums That’ll Brighten Up Your Commute

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These tiny parks are proof that the best things come in small packages.

Did you know that some of London’s underground stations are home to tiny tropical parks? This is such a simple but effective way to spruce up the tube, and we will be hunting them all down imminently. Due to the rise of automated ticket machines in London’s stations over the last few years, hundreds of ticket offices have became obsolete. But instead of discarding them all, TfL and the incredible gardeners at The Edible Bus Stop decided to transform some of them into beautiful little terrariums. [Featured image: The Edible Bus Stop]

The first tiny garden cropped up at St James’s Park Station in 2017. The gardeners spent over a year perfecting the conditions so that future terrariums would thrive, and they clearly succeeded. It’s three years down the line and there are now also mini gardens inside Kilburn Park, Belsize Park, and Wood Green stations. Notice a theme? These hidden gems have been providing Londoners with a brief sense of calm amidst the chaos of commuting ever since and it’s easy to see why.

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‘How can tropical plants survive in disused ticket windows?’, you may be thinking. Well, they actually flourish under these conditions as they require very minimal care and natural light. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm whether these tiny parks have tiny park rangers, but we can dream. The terrariums have also had a very positive effect on air pollution, so I guess one could say they’re a breath of fresh air…

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The Edible Bus Stop explained that each disused ticket office is “Housed with tropical plants that can be easily sourced and grown at home. [They] hope these biophilic interventions inspire and delight passengers and staff to try nurturing their own at home.” Maybe I’ll take a leaf out of their book and become a plant mum, or maybe I’ll just visit these terrific terrariums…

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