There’s A Windmill In Brixton And You Can Go Inside It!

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Do you need a fun idea for an adorable and kinda edgy day out this weekend? Maybe you have a date you’re trying to impress or perhaps you’re parents are visiting? Well, we have a wholesome and quirky suggestion for you kids… Take a tour of the working Brixton windmill open to the public this weekend!



This charming and historic South London windmill is open for public tours this Saturday and Sunday in which you can learn about the windmill and the Ashby family who milled there… We told you it was wholesome! And if that isn’t educational enough for you wind fanatics, Lambeth council has recently approved the expenditure of £360,000 for the construction of an education centre in the Windmill Gardens. Hopefully it will be open by date number two or the next time your parents visit, eh?

The tours are free but it is highly recommended that you book online to avoid disappointment so head over to their website to find out more.

What a lovely way to spend an autumnal weekend walking around a picturesque windmill! Awww.


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Annabel Usher

Annabel Usher

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