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11 Of London’s Best Alternative Walking Tours

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Shad Thames, London. Photo: Garry Knight

You never know what’s around the corner when you’re exploring London on these fun walking tours.

Whether you’re a visitor or a local, there’s loads you can discover when you’re walking with an expert. So we’ve put together a list of the best alternative walking tours with guides who’ll give you a whole new perspective on the city.

1. The Grime and Punishment Walking Tour

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Diving headfirst into the debauched antics of London’s past, you’ll learn all about the likes of the London Beer Flood and Covent Garden’s pimp master general on this walking tour. Just be thankful the city isn’t still this sleazy… Book your spot here.

2. The London Cheese Crawl

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If you aren’t raring to join this walking tour, then there’s clearly something wrong with you (to be fair, that thing might be lactose intolerance, which we can forgive). Wandering from Mayfair to Covent Garden, you’ll take part in a cheese quiz, munch on the city’s best cheese toastie, and finish with an artisanal cheese board. Nab a ticket here.

3. London’s Fire, Plague, & Execution Tour

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Featuring dangerous amount of bloodshed and misery, this isn’t a walking tour for the fainthearted. You’ll tour the City of London’s most gruesome spots, and discover what a ‘medieval lasagne’ is (hint: you really, really don’t want to eat it). Get your tickets here.

4. The London Underground Treasure Hunt

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Ok, so walking might not be ideal for this puzzling adventure, as there’s a definite competitive element to this one. Taking place across Zone 1, you’ll have to find twenty different clues, spanning mental, physical, and strategic challenges – all in pursuit of the prize: official Underground merchandise. WANT. Find your tickets here.

5. The Lost London Walking Tour

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Delving deep into the city’s lost past, this wonderful tour imagines what the city would have been like  had some rather madcap development schemes gone ahead. As outlandish as the Trafalgar Square pyramid, perhaps? Grab a ticket here.

6. The Ghost Boat Tour

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Part walking tour, part sailing trip, there’s a definitely spooky aspect to this adventure! Peering into the dark and mysterious history of London, you’ll see haunted houses, creepy parks – oh, and a luxury boat, complete with a bar. Reserve a spot here.

7. The Hidden Delights of the Old City Tour

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Did you know London has a shrine to David Hasselhoff? Nope, us neither, but that’s the sort of thing you’ll learn on this walking tour, which is chock full of fun little tidbits. Book a spot here.

8. The Secret London Walking Tour

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Nope, it’s not actually run by us – that would be a heavily food-and-booze-based tour, I’d guess – but it’s still pretty great! Uncovering the city’s secret alleys, ancient pubs, and lost societies, you’ll scratch a little further beneath the surface of London. Grab your tickets here.

9. The Sweeney Todd Tour

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The cutthroats don’t haunt London anymore (thankfully), but you can still experience them on this gruesome walking tour. Taking you past the alleged site of Sweeney Todd’s Fleet Street barber shop, and Mrs Lovett’s pie shop, it’s a grim look at the heinous crimes committed in the area. Get your tickets here.

10. The Secrets of London’s Square Mile Tour

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The City of London is a fascinating place, where towering skyscrapers mingle with tiny ancient churches. This expert-led tour will help you discover all the best bits to see, and you’ll be amazed by what you discover. Book a spot here.

11. The Hidden London Tour

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If you think you know this city, you’d better think again. Lying beneath the streets and behind the gleaming modern buildings are secret rivers, tiny lanes, and ancient cloister just waiting to be discovered. You’re guaranteed to learn loads, and it’s a brilliant way to spend an afternoon. Tickets available here.

Feature Image: Gary Knight