London’s Newest Escape Room Invites You To Solve Earth’s Greatest Mysteries

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

The Oracles

There’s no escaping it: Modern Fables have created one hell of an escape room with The Oracles.

Life is full of big mysteries, that have puzzled humankind for centuries. Escape rooms are full of little mysteries, that have trapped unwary players and cut down many an ego (mine included) for years. So naturally, if you put the two together, you’ll end up with a fiendishly tricky puzzle that ensnares even the keenest adventurers – and that, I believe, was exactly the intention when Modern Fables created their brand-new adventure, curiously called The Oracles.

The Oracles

Opening on October 12th and billed as a “mind-altering mystery”, The Oracles has all the hallmarks of a Modern Fables room: a sense of adventure, an immersive story, and a set of puzzling clues that can lead you to victory – if you have the wits to put them together.

The Oracles

Over the course of The Oracles quest, you’ll be invited to uncover the secrets behind Earth’s most puzzling conundrums. Who built Stonehenge? How did the giant heads arrive on Easter Island? The Oracles have the answers, but it won’t be giving them up easily – for the answer you’ll uncover reveals the future of Earth. What you’ll discover could change your world forever, so the only question you need to ask yourself now is: are you ready for it?

Find out more about The Oracles and book your spot here.

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