This Epic New Escape Room Has Just Launched In Hackney

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This Epic New Escape Room Has Just Launched In Hackney

Award-winning escape roomists, Modern Fables, have just launched a new, nerve-jangling challenge.

Launching just off Broadway Market in Hackney, Modern Fables’ new escape room, Hypersomnia, will bring you and your pals closer together (or destroy your relationship forever, depending on your technique).

You’ll be immersed into a gripping story from start to finish, meeting bizarre characters along the way. Unlike your average escape room, Modern Fables will really feel like an adventure, rather than just a set of tricky puzzles.

Hypersomnia is new this year and the theme is identity crisis and inter-dimensional sabotage. Imagine you’ve been having some really strange and vivid dreams — the unsettling type. You keep noticing an odd but distinctive symbol appearing in random places—perhaps as a tattoo or a pattern on some wallpaper—and then, one day, a card appears in your pocket bearing the very same symbol. You didn’t see who left it, but you’re willing to investigate.

There’s an address on the card: Second Floor, Regents Studios, 8 Andrews Road, London, E8 4QN. What do you do?

If you purchase your tickets from Fever, you’ll get an exclusive discount, which starts at £15 off for groups of three. Note that the bigger the group, the bigger the discount. So gather all your pals and get the hell there to get the hell out!

👉 Secure your spot here.

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