This Candlelit, 1920s Themed Speakeasy Is London’s Best-Kept Secret

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The Candlelight Club

Charmingly clandestine, and stunningly authentic, The Candlelight Club is damn near unmissable.

Whilst London is filled with Jazz Age experiences – a 20s-themed bar in Battersea, a speakeasy hidden beneath a barber shop, and a once-a-week flapper party – none are quite as striking as The Candlelight Club. An award-winning homage to the Roaring 20s, their glamorous parties are unforgettably suave candlelit affairs, and you can find your tickets here.

The Candlelight Club
Photo: @candlelightclub

Of course, you have to find The Candlelight Club first. Naturally, a speakeasy of such repute would be easily unmasked by the authorities, so they stay on the move, popping up in a new secret location each time. Once you do happen upon it, you’ll find an atmospheric venue filled with candles, and just itching to party.

The Candlelight Club
Photo: @candlelightclub

A heady mix of cabaret, live bands, and retro DJs head to The Candlelight Club each month, so you’re guaranteed a different experience each time you visit! May sees the arrival of the Swing’It Dixieband, who’ll be transporting you to 20s New Orleans with their swinging party music, along with cabaret from Champagne Charlie, and a DJ set from the Bees Knees. If you can’t make that one, then you’re in luck, because further parties arrive in June, July, and September, each with their own swinging bands and jiving hosts.

It’s all the fun of the Jazz Age, without the pending financial disaster (we hope)!

Find your tickets to The Candlelight Club here.

Featured image: @candlelightclub

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