The Glamorous London Bar That Turns Into A Roaring 20s Party At 19:20

Georgie Hoole Georgie Hoole - EXECUTIVE EDITOR

The Glamorous London Bar That Turns Into A Roaring 20s Party At 19:20

This glamorous bar travels back in time at 19:20 every Wednesday evening. And guess which era it’s headed to?

Step inside Sheraton Grand London Park Lane hotel to The Palm Court bar; a classic, Art Deco space with marble flooring, tapestries, and a stunning stained glass ceiling. By day, the bar is the ideal spot for Afternoon Tea. By night, it serves up an incredible selection of cocktails. And on Wednesdays, as the clock strikes 19:20, the bar turns into a roaring 20s party for one very special hour of singing and dancing.


At exactly 19:20, the lights will dim and guests will be swept off their feet and thrown back to the 1920s. A jazz singer will magically appear, illuminated by a single spotlight, ready to perform a collection of vintage 20s songs. There’ll also be Charleston dancers and classic cocktails reminiscent of the Jazz Age.


Sheraton Grand London Park Lane first opened in 1927, at the height of the Jazz Age, so this weekly Gatsby-esque evening pays homage to its origins.

19:20 at The Palm Court launched earlier this month and happens every Wednesday night. More info here.

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