Taco Bell Will Open Four London Restaurants Before The End Of The Year

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Taco Bell Will Open Four London Restaurants Before The End Of The Year

The world’s largest Mexican food chain is opening in London for the first time since 1986.

There used to be two London restaurants – one between Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus, and one in Earl’s Court – but they both closed in the mid 90s. However, lucky for us Londoners, they’ve just announced four new branches: the first will open in Hammersmith, the second in Holborn, the next in Fulham, and finally, one in Croydon – all arriving this side of Christmas. Think of it as a sporadic novelty advent calendar, only with tacos and churros behind life-sized doors.


You can expect to see some of their typical Mexican grub, including the Grilled Stuft Burrito, the Crunchwrap Supreme and the Big Bell Box. There’ll also be a selection of indulgent desserts, such as the Chocodilla, which they describe as “the quesadilla’s dessert baby” and the Chocomarsh Melt, which is just a mini Crunchwrap Supreme filled with marshmallows and chocolate. Mmmhmmm.

taco bell crunchwrap supreme

Let’s taco ’bout Tuesdays

In short: yes, the famous Tuesday offer will be coming to London. And yes, that does mean you get a taco and a bottle of Sol beer for £2.


Taco Bell have 7,000 restaurants around the world, with 27 in the UK (outside of London) – but we’ll be reaching the magic number 31 before the year is out.

Talking of big names in food heading to London, have you been to the new Filipino fried chicken joint, Jollibee? ?

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