New Sleeper Trains Travelling From Sweden Will Get You To London In Time For Brunch

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Speed your way to Sweden on these swanky new sleepers!

If you love ABBA, flat-pack furniture and meatballs, then hold on, because your day is about to get a whole lot better. Swedish authorities have just announced new railway plans, which mean you could easily eat dinner in Sweden and make it back to London for brunch the next morning. And we can only assume that it works in reverse, too.

Plans are now set for these swish overnight sleeper trains to whizz you from Sweden’s Malmö to the German city of Cologne in no time at all. The new timetable proposes passengers leave Malmö at 7.40pm, pick up more people in Copenhagen at 8.40pm, and then arrive in Cologne for 6am, after a good night’s kip.

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Followed by a little help from the trusty Eurostar, you could find yourself back in the Big Smoke—at London St. Pancras, to be exact—by 11.57am: the perfect time for a poached egg and a cup of artisan coffee, I’d say.

These railway developments come as part of the Swedish government’s initiative to aid the climate crisis. Set to start in 2022 or 2023, these super-speedy trains are hoping to serve as an alternative to short-haul flights. According to independent research, choosing to travel by train rather than by plane can vastly reduce your carbon-footprint and the damage done to the environment.

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Since the ferry from the UK to Sweden was canceled in 2006, unless you were prepared to endure two full days of rail travel, a plane would be the only way to get to this Scandinavian sanctuary. But thankfully, that’s all about to change!

While Trafikverket, Sweden’s rail infrastructure manager, iron out all the details (and no-doubt call up Ikea to place a massive order) you might be after some destination ideas to quench your thirst for travel. So, here are a few eco-friendly train trips you can take in the meantime, until these sleeper trains are ready and raring to go. Bon Voyage! (Or whatever they say in Sweden?)

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