6 Ways You Can Support Local Businesses While Stuck Inside

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6 Ways You Can Support Local Businesses While Stuck Inside

Will the coronavirus see the demise of capitalism?

Probably not. But it has thrown a spotlight on the dangers that lie with the idea of infinite growth and how devastating it can be for all types of businesses if their income stream suddenly dries up. Many have already shut up shop to avoid heavy losses and others are laying off workers because they simply can’t afford to pay them. (Featured image: S O C I A L . C U T)

Nonetheless, there are some businesses battling on through the virus and others that are adapting to this bonkers situation so that you, their lucky and loyal customers, can get the things you want and need in these trying times. If you’re in a position to help, here’s how you can do it.

1. Shop online or call the store directly

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We’re being told to stay home unless absolutely necessary, which in the current climate is totally understandable (and totally possible!). I mean, what else was the internet made for if not for valuing my time more highly and allowing me to avoid the shops?

Try to avoid the big behemoth sites like Amazon, and go direct to the store you’re looking for. Yes, it may cost you slightly more money or effort, but you’re going to feel like a better person for it.

For example, want a new book to read? Check out this Hackney bookshop’s delivery service.

2. Buy some awesome merch

For some of the best restaurant merch in London, check out this Twitter thread by @LucasOakeley:

Otherwise, what’s your favourite place to eat? Hit them up and see if they have any goods for you to rep. And if they don’t have anything for you now, you may have just given them a brilliant idea.

3. Buy yourself a gift voucher to use whenever you can

Pay now, use later. It’s that simple. Besides, these days you can get a gift voucher for pretty much anything. Perhaps it’s someone’s birthday and you can’t get out to buy them a physical present? Gift voucher. Missing food from your favourite London restaurant? Purchase a gift voucher that you can use as soon as this madness is all over. And remember, to make sure that your money goes directly to the company, it’s best that you head straight to their website to purchase one.

4. Subscriptions and memberships

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Sign up to memberships and mailing lists, or subscribe to your favourite magazines and newspapers. Because every new member or subscription goes a long way to breathing life into small businesses and startups!

5. It’s takeout time!

Your favourite restaurant or takeaway spot may well have shut its front door, but chances are they’ve kept the kitchen hot and are now sending meals to hungry Londoners. This doesn’t just help out your local favourite, but it also helps out the delivery drivers who are surely having a tough time. For best results, check in with your preferred delivery service to ensure safe practice for receiving your delivery. Check out these new additions to the takeaway scene.

6. Don’t assume nobody is there, have a chat with your favourite independent businesses on social media

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Even if it’s just to say Hello, it’s worth getting in touch with your favourite shops, restaurants, and places to visit. Let them know you miss them and can’t wait to see them again. They’ll appreciate it and it might put a pep in their step for when they open back up again.
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