Storm Francis Will Bring Gale Force Winds And Torrential Rain To The UK This Week

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Unseasonable weather, including 70mph winds and heavy rain, can be expected until Wednesday afternoon.

Meet Storm Ellen‘s older brother, Storm Francis. This storm will be bringing the UK gusts of 70mph winds and heavy showers for the next 24 hours. Three separate yellow weather warnings for wind and rain have been issued by the Met Office for parts of the UK, with an amber warning for wind in place across Wales and the Midlands on Tuesday. Due to the ‘severe gales during Tuesday and Wednesday’, injuries from flying debris, travel service interruptions, and damage to buildings are all possibilities.

Storm Francis
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Northern Ireland and southeast Scotland are most likely to bear the brunt of the storm, with 60-90mm of rain predicted to fall as Storm Frances travels east. Whilst Wales and the Midlands are battered by winds on Tuesday, London will escape relatively lightly, with strong winds and scattered showers the worst we’re likely to see.

Andy Page of the Met Office, said “The UK is in for another unseasonably wet and windy spell with Storm Francis arriving on Tuesday. There will be strong winds and heavy rain, especially in the west of the UK”. On the bright side, the storm should clear by Wednesday evening, leaving behind a forecast more traditionally associated with August.

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This storm comes just a week after Storm Ellen wreaked havoc in the South West. A spokeswoman for the Met Office said “Since 2015, when we started naming storms, we have never had to name a storm in August – and now we’ve had two in a few days”. While two storms in August (and in such close proximity) is definitely unusual, I guess it is pretty on brand for 2020. We’ll be staying indoors until Storm Francis is on his way out, but if you’re brave enough to weather the storm, do take care!

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