Thunderstorms And Heavy Downpours Set To Bring An End To London’s Heatwave

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Thunderstorms And Heavy Downpours Set To Bring An End To London’s Heatwave

London is set to get some rather impressive storms this week. 

After drowning in our own sweat for the better part of the last week, Londoners are about to get some respite in the form of thunderbolts and lightning (very, very frightening).

Thunderstorms are set to hit the capital as a result of these recent high temperatures. Can’t get even one day of regular weather at the moment, can we?

These predicted storms have led to the Met Office issuing a yellow weather warning, lasting four days, with several hours of thunder and lightning coming our way on Thursday (August 13) morning. You might even get an abrupt awakening, as it is expected to clatter down on our roofs from around 7am. So, make the most of the sunshine and 30 degree heat today (August 12)! You might just miss it tomorrow when the lightening flashes through the capital’s skies.

Rainy video

There’ll be a brief pause in the storm’s antics from 11am-3pm, but then the grey clouds will consume us once more. It’s set to rain for most of the day, with more thundery antics due at 10pm. And it won’t get any better from there. From Friday through to Tuesday, we’ll be showered with more rain, and temperatures are set to drop to around 20 degrees next week. But don’t get too excited, we’ve got a few more sweaty—albeit stormy—nights ahead of us.

Don’t forget your umbrellas when heading out from tomorrow—we’re set for a soaking mid-August. Happy summer, everyone!

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