The Space-Themed Afternoon Tea At A Gorgeous Southbank Restaurant • Skylon

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The Space-Themed Afternoon Tea At A Gorgeous Southbank Restaurant • Skylon

An afternoon tea inspired by the solar system is landing in London, and it’s called Gravi-tea.

Sometimes, when a place or event has such a cracking name, I wonder if the idea for its name came first, and all the other – arguably more important – stuff just kind of stemmed from it. You know, like Hey, the word ‘tea’ is sort of in ‘gravity’… wait… wouldn’t it be cool if…?  


In this particular case, Skylon have hit the jackpot, because, not only does their new Gravi-tea have a spectacular name, but they’ve totally nailed all the other stuff, too. I mean, I’ve seen some really naff afternoon teas in my time, but this one is absolutely stellar ⭐️


From 19th March, you can take a cosmic trip through the solar system and scoff on galaxy macaroons and galactic cupcakes as you float through the Milky Way. Though the sweet stuff may launch you into outer space, the savoury options are a lot more down to earth; including the likes of smoked salmon, cucumber and dill, and avocado crème fraîche sandwiches. Mind you, Skylon’s signature cocktail will have you reaching for the stars all over again, with a delicious mix of gin, lemon sherbet, pineapple and tarragon syrup, green chartreuse and prosecco.


Skylon will not only take you on an intergalactic, cake-fuelled journey, but you’ll also get to experience stunning, panoramic views of London from the restaurant; a little metaphoric gravitational pull to help you appreciate the planet you’re actually on… or something like that.

Location: Skylon, Royal Festival Hall, SE1 8XX. Nearest station is Waterloo. See it on Google Maps.
Opening hours: 2pm to 4pm, Monday to Friday.
Price: £25pp + drinks.
More information: from their website.

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