A Magical Afternoon Tea Is Coming To London (And It’s Perfect For Harry Potter Fans)

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An immersive afternoon tea is coming to Soho and you can Expecto be pretty impressed.

You may know of Cutter & Squidge for their mystical Aladdin-themed afternoon tea (which just so happened to be a total sell-out last year) but, starting in May, they’re casting away the Genie and casting spells instead. So now you can become the wizard you always wanted to be! 

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Soho’s favourite all-natural bakery has been keeping its latest project under an invisibility cloak for a painfully long time, but the secret is finally out! Their underground space is transforming into a wonderful world of wizardry, known as The Cutter & Squidge School of Alchemy, or The Potion Room. And, just to add a little more magic to the mix, the room has been designed by none other than Callum Lumsden – leading retail design expert and the mastermind behind the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour shops.

Cutter & Squidge_Potion Room 4

Cast spells and concoct edible potions before tucking into a magical selection of sweet and savoury, including Yorkshire puddings filled with roast beef and horseradish, classic finger sandwiches, knickerbocker bites, and spectacular drinks served in personal-sized cauldrons. Oh and a little birdy—who looked suspiciously like Hedwig—told us that you should make sure you save a bit of stomach space for a special surprise ending!

The new Potion Room experience launches on May 3rd and you’re promised 2.5 hours of wonderful wizardry, guided by an expert Potion Master. Tickets cost £49.50 per person (£39.50 for children aged 8-12) and you can purchase them here. Every muggle-turned-wizarding-genius will also be given a gift to take home at the end of the experience.

Disclaimer: this experience has no affiliation with JK Rowling’s Harry Potter franchise.

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Georgie Hoole

Georgie Hoole

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