London Could Receive A Dusting Of Snow As Soon As This Weekend

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler - Staff Writer

London Could Receive A Dusting Of Snow As Soon As This Weekend

London could enjoy an early dusting this year, as a flurry of snow could grace the last week of November. According to forecasters, this Saturday (November 27) could see London, along with other parts of the country, gripped by an “arctic blast”.

Experts have predicted that the plummeted temperatures are here to stay, and could even result in the capital’s first snowfall of the winter period. The Met Office stated that Northern regions of the country will be hit hardest by “heavy and wintery showers”, but, according to The Weather Channel, London might be subject to some light snowfall at around 3pm on Saturday.

Then, on Monday morning (September 29), temperatures are expected to shoot below zero, which could result in snowfall at 6am. Expect sleet and rainfall during the day throughout next week, with a chance of snow when the temperature drops at night.

Even if we don’t see any of the white stuff this weekend, you’ll still need to remember your gloves, scarves and hats before heading out, as the chilliest period of the winter thus far is arriving regardless. And, it won’t be pretty reading for those who don’t like the cold; as these conditions are expected to stay for at least another ten days as we head into December.

Will this be the year we see a White Christmas in London?

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