More Snow Is Set To Fall In London This Weekend

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Snow London (2)

Rumour has it it’s going to snow again in London this weekend!

It’s been a long fortnight since London was graced with a fluffy dusting of snow and it turns out, we may not have to wait all that long for round two. For the Met Office has issued a yellow warning for snow and ice across the northeast and southeast of the UK, promising a decent chance of snow this weekend. And whilst we’ll be mostly confined to watching the flakes fall from indoors (here’s your gentle reminder that lockdown rules are still in effect), any snowfall should hopefully liven up those daily walks!

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Many cities could be in for snowfall this weekend, with the weather warnings stretching from Brighton up towards Glasgow. London is firmly in the middle of the yellow weather warning, with the Met Office saying there could be travel delays, power cuts, and the potential for cars to become stranded. It’s not just the Met Office, either. BBC Weather is pretty bullish on the chances of snow, predicting wintry showers for the capital from this weekend.

Snow London
Photo: BBC Weather

So, when will it snow in London? Their forecast predicts light snow on Sunday morning (February 7), with the chance it may develop into heavier snow showers from midday. Some reports have also predicted snowy spells from Wednesday to Friday on the following week – how exciting!

Snow London 7
Photo: The Met Office

If for whatever reason you were unable to frolic in the snow, build the odd snowman, or get that perfect picture while London was dressed in white a couple of weeks ago, now’s your chance!

Best enjoy any snow whilst we can, as snow may completely disappear from the UK by the end of the century

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