Forecasters Have Issued An Official Snow Warning For London Tomorrow

The Beast is back. Or so they say…

‘They’ being the Met Office, who have issued a yellow weather warning in London for the next couple of days. They’re expecting it to snow, “possibly heavy at times”, from about 9pm on Tuesday 29 until midday on Wednesday 30. (Header image: Tamara Craiu

They reckon we could get about 1-3cm (WOAH), with accumulations of 5cm in some places (WOoOoAh) – and there’s even a chance that some spots will see up to 10cm, particularly on higher grounds (WOOOOOAH).

Photo by: @chrisjdalton

Forecasters have told us to expect disruption and delays to travel, especially if we’re heading to/from more rural areas (no change there, then). They’ve also told everyone to be extra careful when walking/cycling, as there’s a risk of black ice.

It’s quite cute that we’ve been given a warning for an inch of snow, but we appreciate the heads up anyway. Stay safe out there, folks!

Here are 16 photos of London looking gorgeous in the snow to maybe, just maybe, get you excited.

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