Just 20 Pictures Of London Looking Bloody Lovely In The Snow

Ivy Richardson Ivy Richardson

Snow London

London awoke to a beautiful blanket of snow yesterday and naturally, Instagram has gone wild.

London was blessed with several hours of snowfall this weekend and truth be told, we’re still on cloud nine! We patiently waited for what feels like a lifetime for snow to come our way and on Sunday morning (January 24), our prayers were finally answered. There’s truly nothing quite like a magical dusting of snow to immediately elevate your mood and take your mind off of all things pandemic. Many Londoners were quick to head outside and capture the spectacle, so here are twenty lovely pictures of London all dressed in white:

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1. Bushy Park

2. Notting Hill

3. Little Venice

4. Piccadilly Circus

5. Alexandra Palace

6. Richmond Green

7. Kenwood House

8. Battersea Park

9. Tower Bridge

10. Oval

11. The West End

12. Little Venice

13. Hampstead Heath

14. Westminster

15. Hampstead Village

16. Tower Bridge

17. Bushy Park

18. Greenwich Park

19. Fitzrovia

20. Kensington

Enjoy it while it lasts though, as snow may completely disappear from the UK by the end of the century.

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